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2015 Q2 Goals and Updates

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FireweedTrail-400I’m late to the party, I know. But with good reason: I’ve been busy.

As of Tuesday, April 7, I published that KindleWorld tale I mentioned beginning late last quarter. I can now speak more freely about it. The friend whose KindleWorld I helped launch is mystery/police procedural novelist Toby Neal, whose Lei Crime series is a popular one among mystery fans and lovers of Hawaii alike.

My tale, Fireweed Trail, was one of eight launch titles that have been burning up the sales charts on Amazon since their debut on April 7, when Toby’s KW launched. It’s a thrill to be part of the launch, to be asked to help out, and to reach new readers with my work. For all that, I’m deeply grateful to Ms. Neal, and a special “Aloha!” to her. You should check out the entire set of eight titles, not just mine; they are all, of course, Amazon exclusive titles.

And so, now to set new goals for myself for Q2 2015 for ROW80.

1. Get back to Razed and finish that tale, then get it ready for submission to Kindle Scout/Kindle Press. Yeah, it’d be nice to have Amazon’s full backing for my next project, which is a zombie thriller combined with a unique coming-of-age tale. And yes, I said zombie, but in the horror sense, not the zombie apocalypse sense. It’s proven to be a popular concept so far over at Write On from Amazon, so hopefully that’ll translate.

2. Gather my Spoiled Rotten trilogy into one volume and re-release it as a novel. (Revise as needed, based on Write On feedback.)

And frankly, that’s all I think I really need to do between now and the end of June to have a successful quarter. So that’s it.


ROW80 2015 Q1 Update: Ripe is complete!

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RipeThe good news: I just wrote the final words of Spoiled Rotten, Book 3: Ripe, at around 7 AM Thursday morning, so the authoring part is more or less done.

I need to let it simmer for a couple days, at least, and on Sunday I’ll start going through looking to smooth out the prose, check for inconsistencies and errors, and so forth.

Ripe weighs in at around 30,700+ words.

For comparison, Spoiled was around 10,100+ and Rotten was just under 13,000 words, so Ripe is longer than both previous installments combined!

And man, are those words well-spent: in Ripe, the story I’ve spun will pull readers from Colorado to Australia to Antarctica to Saint Croix of the US Virgin Islands, as well as Hope, Wisconsin. It’s definitely my most global tale, ever.

So, altogether, the Spoiled Rotten trilogy has grown long enough to comprise a nice novel, if a bit on the short side: at around 53,800 words, there will at some point be a print version.

But for now, my goal is this: to get the story edited and up on Amazon… hopefully… in time for Valentine’s Day.

It’s an ambitious goal, but even if I don’t make it, it’s what I’m aiming for.

So, Ripe is coming soon!

And next up will be Razed….


New goals for a new year

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RipeWell, after a fairly successful 2014 (I doubled the number of titles I have in print), I am out to make 2015 an even better year for myself as a writer, though not by obvious means through publishing a lot of titles necessarily, but of hopefully better strategy in marketing the new titles I do finish and release.

So, as ROW80 First Round 2015 begins, here are my goals for roughly the next three months:

1) Finish off Ripe, the final installment of my Spoiled Rotten trilogy. I’m currently close to 20,000 words on the title and should be done before I hit 25,000. It’s a thrilling, globe-spanning epic unlike anything I’ve written to date, and has required a lot of research. I’ll immediately edit and publish Ripe, so it should be available before Round 1 2015 is done.

2) Get back to work on, and hopefully finish, Razed, my zombie thriller that will now be novel-length instead of a short novel. I’m between 20,000 to 25,000 words into this story, which will at least run 50,000 words and possibly more. After that, I’ll start polishing it up based on the feedback I’ve been receiving from the critique site I’m part of, Write On. Once I have it just right, the plan it so take a shot at getting it published via Kindle Scout.

3) Collect the Spoiled Rotten trilogy together and submit to Write On for feedback. This will ultimately lead to an “expanded and revised” edition that will be released later in 2015, as one volume, and of course, the existing three parts will be updated at the same time.

If I can get most of this either done (or started, in the case of goal 3), I’ll consider it a successful first quarter of 2015.

Beyond Ripe and Razed, my plans for the year include working on Novel Project Codename Texter, otherwise known as Seethe. I also hope to get back to Ember later this year. And then I have Project POTUS Sitcom.

But for this first quarter? These three goals are probably enough work all by themselves.