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Latest ROW80 Update

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RipeHey all! Time for an update from me, I think.

Let’s first review my goals for this quarter, now that we’re just past the halfway mark:

1) Finish off Ripe, the final installment of my Spoiled Rotten trilogy. DONE!

Last time I blogged, Ripe was completely written. Now it’s been formatted, proofed, and uploaded for pre-order. Not just on Amazon, either: everywhere (except Google Play Books, just yet). There are a few sites that may not be displaying it yet, but they will be. And the big release day is Friday, March 13, 2015, at the low price of only $1.99 USD!

I’m also experimenting with pre-release review requests by sending out galley copies, which hopefully will help the book kick off a bit stronger. There aren’t many places that offer you a PR opportunity on a pre-released book with no reviews, but I’m searching for them.

Hopefully the free galley copies strategy will help boost the book in its race to reach at least five reviews quicker than The Woodsman did. (Though once it did and I invested in some PR, The Woodsman quickly grew to 12 reviews and counting and has become my best-moving book to date. So that’s nice.

If you’re interested in a pre-release galley copy of The Woodsman for free, go here for details.

I still have a few days remaining where I can catch errors, but for this phase, Ripe is pretty much out the door once I finish my “live on my Kindle” page-through.

Which leads me to Goal 3, which I’m now labeling Goal 2…

2) Collect the Spoiled Rotten trilogy together and submit to Write On for feedback. DONE!

The entire three-book trilogy is now getting peer-reviewed at WriteOn by Kindle so that I can start working out any story-kinks and oversights that I’m completely blind to, for the revised edition of Spoiled Rotten I’ll be releasing later this year in one volume.

I’ve really come to trust some of the folks over at WriteOn for their feedback, so any chance I have to strengthen my stories, I’m taking it.

3) Get back to work on, and hopefully finish, Razed, my zombie thriller that will now be novel-length instead of a short novel.

This was originally my second goal, but since I’d already accomplished the other one, I’ve flipped them in terms of priority.

And here’s where I’ve run into a snag:

Razed is my “very popular over at WriteOn” zombie/coming-of-age novel that started out as an attempt at a Halloween 2014 short and now has grown into a novel. My hope, or plan, is to submit it to Kindle Scout, because… exposure!

However, an opportunity recently fell into my lap. A friend of mine is about to launch an all-new KindleWorld, and has invited me to submit a 15K to 20K short to help launch the world. There’s a lot of great perks to that, not the least of which is the chance to get my work exposed to the KW editors.

And that could help me, when I submit Razed to Kindle Scout.

So I may need to change Goal 3 to:

3) Write a KW short for my friend’s set-to-launch-in-April KindleWorld, and have that be my third goal for this quarter. Then I can make Razed my top priority for Q2 (April-June).

I’m thinking it’s a sound strategy. And it adds a high-exposure title to my resume to help build my momentum.