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An Update On My Progress

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RipeSo, when I first checked in to ROW80, Round 4, 2014, I set a few realistic goals. Time to check in on how I’m doing against those goals.

1. Finish and publish Razed, my short zombie thriller. No idea how long it’s gonna run, but I’m already over 4,000 words in, so I’m off to a great start. Technically, this won’t be an 8-Hour Fiction book, but my goal is to keep it in that spirit. I definitely want to get it out there in time for Halloween.

As I write this, I’m over 25,000 words into RAZED and it’s obvious to me it’s gonna be a novel, not a short, as I’m only about halfway done. It wasn’t ready, obviously, in time for Halloween, so I’m now refocusing on using it to submit to the Kindle Scout program, in an attempt to get my first book deal with one of Amazon’s labels.

I still hope to be done before the year is out, however.

2. Finish and publish Ripe, the final book in my Spoiled Rotten trilogy. The series, in book two, introduces some important storytelling elements that will have ripple effects throughout my fictional setting of Veritas County and specifically Hope, Wisconsin. I love when my characters surprise me, and they certainly did in Rotten. That’s why I love being more of a pantser … I’m not tied to a plot that was pre-conceived before I ever set pen to paper.

I’ve set Razed aside earlier this past week to get Ripe out. It’s still gonna be an eight-hour challenge book, and that means it should be written before too long here, out in November, and if I find the time, I may do a collection into one novella in time for the holiday season.

That’s all the goals I set, and if I meet those, I’ll have polished off a terrific 2014 and set the stage for an epic 2015.

So, that’s where I’m at.