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Late to the ROW80 Q4 2014 Party: Goals

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RottenHello there.

I know, I know, I’m late to the ROW80 kickoff for Q4 2014. What else is new, right?

But this time I have an acceptable excuse: I’ve been busy getting things accomplished. As in, published.

In October alone, I’ve already published Rotten, which is Book 2 in the Spoiled Rotten trilogy.

Additionally, while The Woodsman is officially in pre-order for the eBook version, which releases on Friday, October 17, the print version is actually already up on Amazon and available.

And I’m currently working on a zombie thriller, Razed; and the final book in the Spoiled Rotten trilogy, which I decided to name Ripe.

It’s really been a productive few months for me, and I’m hoping that means an upswing in sales soon!

So, now to goals for Q4:

1. Finish and publish Razed, my short zombie thriller. No idea how long it’s gonna run, but I’m already over 4,000 words in, so I’m off to a great start. Technically, this won’t be an 8-Hour Fiction book, but my goal is to keep it in that spirit. I definitely want to get it out there in time for Halloween.

2. Finish and publish Ripe, the final book in my Spoiled Rotten trilogy. The series, in book two, introduces some important storytelling elements that will have ripple effects throughout my fictional setting of Veritas County and specifically Hope, Wisconsin. I love when my characters surprise me, and they certainly did in Rotten. That’s why I love being more of a pantser … I’m not tied to a plot that was pre-conceived before I ever set pen to paper.

If I can simply do those two things, I can call it a hugely successful quarter. However, I may challenge myself to release something in December, too, just to put a holiday-flavored cherry on top.

But even if I don’t do something like that in December, I could still celebrate a lot. I’ve put EyeCU (The Woodsman) into my rear-view mirror at long last, completing a book that took me nearly three years to get done with. And since Nice Girl Like You in late May/early June, I’ve published four new titles (so far) and would finish with six on the year, if I meet goals one and two.

By far, my most productive seven months as a writer, ever.

So, I may celebrate and take some time to dedicate to 2015 projects.

Or I may do a quick couple titles for my secret pen name, to revive that brand for myself.

Or I may do a holiday-themed thing for December.

I might even decide to collect Spoiled Rotten into one volume and put it out in print as well.

So many options… but for now, I’ll stick with those first two goals. Even if that’s all I get done, 2014 will be something I can consider a big success for me, my best year yet as an indie author.