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Final ROW80 Check-In of Q3 2014!

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TheWoodsman_1600x1000I can honestly say this is the most productive ROW80 quarter I’ve experienced in quite a while. Whee!

Let’s review those goals, though I’m renumbering them:

1. Find time to work on finalizing EyeCU The Woodsman. It’s tiring to even think about this one, but it needs to happen.

And it did! EyeCU is now on Amazon on preorder, retitled as The Woodsman, with the book set to go on live sale on Friday, October 17!

I am hoping to have the hardcover ready in time for the eBook launch, too.

Between ROW80 and the “Fantastic Finish” challenge over on the eight-hour fiction blog, I’ve finally got this book off my table and out there for sale. (Well, almost. Obviously it’s not live for another three weeks or so, but you know what I mean.

2. Write at least one new message for my faith community. (Because it’s coming up and I need to get it done.)

Done. And I wrote three, actually.

3. Complete at least one part of my new WIP, codenamed TEXTER. It’s a horror-crime sort of deal, and no, it’s nothing like Jeff Lindsay’s brilliant Dexter novels. TEXTER is just a codename I came up with to keep from revealing the actual working title until I’m ready to. Get two parts written, if I can.

I’m slowly getting back to TEXTER, which is my next horror/crime fiction-serial killer novel. It’ll make a great follow-up to The Woodsman, and is designed from inception to be delivered in three parts, and probably eventually collected as a single novel. I’m close to having the first part/book done with two more parts/books remaining.

4. Produce one new short for my secret pen name. Just one, but it needs to be done to liven things up with that name. Probably sooner than later.

This one didn’t happen, because I decided midway through Q3 to focus way way more on my own name, and less on my pen name. Counting The Woodsman, I have released three new books in 2014, the other two being Nice Girl Like You and Spoiled. The next two will finish the story I started in Spoiled: Rotten, followed by Renewed. And I’m planning a zombie story for Halloween, too.

That’d bring me to six new releases under my own name in 2014, and I may add a seventh if I find some time in December to do so. But I am kinda-sorta hoping to do a book blog tour to promote The Woodsman and my other new releases, so we’ll see if I can find the time.

Meanwhile, if Q4 goes well, I may eventually find time to do a secret pen-name book, too. Who knows? I’ve been super-productive of late.

See you all in October!