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Another Sunday check-in!

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TheWoodsman_1600x1000Hey all.

I know: a check-in from me two weeks in a row? Will wonders never cease? Let’s hope not.

My big news for the week is that my acceptance of the Fantastic Finish challenge is paying dividends. I pushed hard this weekend and am now 28 chapters and about 29,000 words away from finishing EyeCU. It’s realistic at this point to believe I’ll have the final revisions done, the book formatted, and available for pre-order by this time next week.

I have invested thirty-three months and countless hours on this book, so it’s almost surreal that it’s about to all come to a conclusion with me hitting Upload in KDP and CreateSpace. But it’s about to happen, and as you can see, I have a wonderful new cover and title for the book: The Woodsman is the new title, and my business-partner, Victorine E. Lieske, is the designer of the cover.

So, almost three years after I started it, the novel once known as EyeCU is now about to be unleashed on the world as The Woodsman. The book will, when I’ve finished formatting it, go on pre-order on Amazon, probably later this week. I’m eyeing mid-October for its official release date, when sales will go live, but a pre-order is certainly as good as an order!

Time to review my original goals:

1. Complete at least one part of my new WIP, codenamed TEXTER. It’s a horror-crime sort of deal, and no, it’s nothing like Jeff Lindsay’s brilliant Dexter novels. TEXTER is just a codename I came up with to keep from revealing the actual working title until I’m ready to. Get two parts written, if I can.

Texter is on hold until I finish up The Woodsman, so I should be getting back to it next week sometime. Only a chapter away from finishing Part 1 of this three-part series.

2. Produce one new short for my secret pen name. Just one, but it needs to be done to liven things up with that name. Probably sooner than later.

Still hasn’t happened. But I’m focusing on building up my own name for the rest of 2014, so this goal is taking a back seat right now.

3. Find time to work on finalizing EyeCU The Woodsman. It’s tiring to even think about this one, but it needs to happen.

And I’m days away from completing this one! I’ve had this as a goal for so many ROW80 sessions, I lost count long ago. THIS IS THE BIG ONE, FOLKS!

4. Write at least one new message for my faith community. (Because it’s coming up and I need to get it done.)

Done. I ended up writing three, actually, because I’m basically available to them on an on-call basis.