An early September check-in

Spoiled_1600It’s that time again, folks: time for me to be a little less lazy and post a ROW80 update. Especially since I have news to report that’s worth reporting.

First and foremost, as you can see to the left, I have a new title released! Spoiled is Book 1 in a planned trilogy, and was a story I completed as part of an 8-hour book challenge in August. It was exhilarating to sit down, write something in a set amount of time, get it up, and then get it out and published. My book took closer to 11 hours than eight, but it also happens to be 10K words instead of considerably shorter, so I’m still happy with it.

It was Joe Konrath’s original eight-hour book challenge that helped me get something new out a year ago: The Devohrah Initiative. That was a much shorter story. The tradition is being kept alive by a writer under the pen name of Donald Rump. His blog can be found here.

Spoiled isn’t a project I’ve had sitting around gathering dust. I just kind of “made it up as I went along,” as they say.

I have two more parts left, and they will both be completed as eight-hour challenge books before the year is out.

In the spirit of the Eight-Hour Fiction Challenge, I’m currently working to get EyeCU done as part of a new category there: fantastic finishes. I’m 23 chapters into a 92-chapter update and final polish of the manuscript, with about four or five hours invested. I can take up to 24 hours and still qualify for a fantastic finish, and that’s my goal this month: to get EyeCU polished, formatted, and up for pre-orders to it can go live in time for Halloween.

In addition to Spoiled and EyeCU, my “before the end of this year” plans include Rotten (Book 2 of Spoiled Rotten), Renewed (Book 3 of Spoiled Rotten), and a zombie novelette to be released on Halloween entitled Razed.

If I have time in December, I may do something then, too, but odds are I’ll be working on Project Texter and Project POTUS Sitcom most of that month, trying to gear up for an aggressive 2015.

Time to review my original goals:

1. Complete at least one part of my new WIP, codenamed TEXTER. It’s a horror-crime sort of deal, and no, it’s nothing like Jeff Lindsay’s brilliant Dexter novels. TEXTER is just a codename I came up with to keep from revealing the actual working title until I’m ready to. Get two parts written, if I can.

I’m a chapter away from completing Part 1 of Project Texter, and the main reason it’s not already done is that I took some time away from it to write and release Spoiled and concentrate on finishing EyeCU.

2. Produce one new short for my secret pen name. Just one, but it needs to be done to liven things up with that name. Probably sooner than later.

Hasn’t happened yet. May do this as an eight-hour challenge at some point. But I’m focusing a LOT on building up my own name for the rest of 2014, so this goal may take a back seat.

3. Find time to work on finalizing EyeCU. It’s tiring to even think about this one, but it needs to happen.

Right in the middle of that effort. Time to get this albatross from around my neck.

4. Write at least one new message for my faith community. (Because it’s coming up and I need to get it done.)

Done. I ended up writing three, actually, because I’m basically available to them on an on-call basis.

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  1. Gloria Weber

    This 8 hour challenge thing sounds interesting! It seems like a great motivator for sure. Though, not sure how it would fit with me (between kids and ADD). Great job getting so much done. I hope you continue to do well. 🙂

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